Travel Log: January 18th, 2000

January 18th, 2000

Randy writes:
Our flight to McMurdo has been delayed! Here are some photos of waiting around...

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Milly sitting on our gear.

Steve packing his gear.

While waiting around, we check and send email.

And here are some photos of what we did with our afternoon:
Chalk art on Wooster Street in Christchurch on the way to the Botanical Gardens (where we found famous astronomer John Carlstrom, mentioned yesterday).

These views are looking North on the way to Lyttelton, a working harbor formed in a volcano crater. This is a huge, well-protected harbor. We are on one wall on the north, looking north and south in various poses. (John, Randy, and Steve, from left to right.)

For Steve's Travel Log, see the Ice Prowler website.

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