Travel Log: January 17th, 2000

January 17th, 2000

Randy writes:
Well Milly, Steve Butler, and I have done a lot of traveling so far and we do not even have our winter clothes yet! Yesterday we arrived in Christchurch at about 11AM and had a wonderful time stretching our legs in the city after all of our flights.

The flight on Air New Zealand to Christchurch was short or at least felt short: 463 miles, elapsed time 1:20.

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Milly relaxing in the summer warmth of Christchurch at the hotel

Milly has made lots of interesting new friends on the trip. Here milly is pictured with the famous astronomer John Carlstrom. Professor Carlstrom is going to the Pole for the second time this summer because he and others in his group are working very hard to get their telescope "DASI" assembled and working at the Pole this summer. It is not easy to work when it is so cold and DASI is a very big and very complex telescope. I will write more about it later.

Milly is meeting a lot of astronomers these days. Dr. Tom Bania is a professor at Boston University who works on the AST/RO telescope. This will be Dr. Bania's sixth trip to the Pole.

Other photos from Randy and Steve of life in sunny, summery New Zealand:

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