Travel Log: January 16th, 2000

January 16th, 2000

Randy writes:
Auckland was nice and warm although it was a bit cloudy. We stopped to take a few photos that show where we are in the world or rather how far we are from other places (see below). Auckland is on the north island of NZ. After we changed a bit of money to New Zealand dollars (0.54 USD = 1 NZ $), we went over to the domestic flight terminal. It was a short walk -- less than a half-mile -- and it was nice to be outside in warm humid air. Steve and Dave rode the bus, but I was in a bigger hurry, as my ticket showed that I was on a different flight at 10:30AM on a different airline than everyone else. In the end the travel people had changed my flight and so I was able to fly with the rest of the crew from CARA, which now included Professor Tom Bania of Boston University who was even on our flight from LA but on the upper deck so we did not see him until we were in Auckland.
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Milly, Randy Landsberg, and Steve Butler, our intrepid explorers, in Auckland, New Zealand.

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