Travel Log: January 14th, 2000

January 14th, 2000

Today Randy leavs Chicago, Illinois! Randy writes:
My travels started at about 2:45 PM on Friday 1/14/00, when my friend Basil gave me a ride to the El downtown. After a short wait with some conga drum players to keep me entertained, I was on a Blue Line CTA train. After another 40 or so minutes I was at O'Hare and shortly thereafter checked in.

While waiting for the plane I met Mario, an fellow from Australia. He was very upset at first because his connecting flight to O'Hare had been late, and now he was sure that the flight to LA was going to be late, which meant that he would miss his flight to NZ where his family was already on vacation. When I pointed out that it was only 4:45PM and not 5:45PM (his watch wasn't set on Chicago time), he was very happy. Steve Butler and Dave Pernic also were on the same flight as me to LA.

It was a fairly long flight :
United 815
Airbus A320
Lv Chicago/O'Hare 555P
Ar Los Angeles 812P
1745 miles
elapsed time 4:17
movie "For the Love of the Game"

In LA we had a few hours to kill and so we sat in a cafe for a bit. Our flight to Auckland was really long. Luckily I was able to sleep a bit, and missed most of the 3 or 4 movies that were shown.

United 841
Boeing 747
Lv LA 1025P (Friday January 14, 2000)
Ar Auckland, NZ 800A January 16, 2000
6502 miles
elapsed time 12:35

For Steve's Travel Log, see the Ice Prowler website.

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