Travel Log: December 15th, 2000

Dateline: 7:18 AM December 15, 2000
South Pole

Temperature: -29.3°C, -20.7°F
Wind: 066 at 2.7 knots
Windchill: -26.4°C, -15.5°F
Barometer: 693.3 mbar
Physio Altitude: 10128 ft

Randy writes:

Our last full day and the sky is starting to clear. I slept in a bit today as I expect we will be up late tonight trying to finish things up. Time goes quickly here at Pole. First you are adjusting to the altitude, then you are meeting people, then your work starts, and something always gets in the way, and then before you know it, it's time to go home.

Our flight out is on Saturday, most likely at mid-day, and the first flight from McMurdo to Christchurch is on Monday. There are flights for a number of days in a row after that, so the prospects look good for not spending the holidays in McMurdo. During my first trip, after many canceled flights I went as far as getting a ticket for Christmas dinner, but then made it out at the last second.

The Viper lift is again planned for today. This time it will hopefully happen. Also John Kovac of the DASI team arrived yesterday with a bunch of parts and now the DASI group is in a production line mode working on the detectors to get them ready for the winter. ACBAR is moving along and will be ready to go on the telescope once it is back in place.

John Kovac (left) and DASI winterover Ben Reddall (right) work on some of DASI's 13 receivers:
John Kovac John Kovac

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