Travel Log: December 12th, 2000

Dateline: 5:59 AM December 12, 2000
South Pole

Randy writes:

sunny skiesGot up early today. It's funny though; once you are outside of a dark building it seems like it is fairly late in the day, as the sun is always up and bright although only about 22 degrees above the horizon. I have been here long enough that I can tell "what time of day" it is by where the sun is in the sky. The sun never sets during the summer at Pole and so you mark the day by where it is in relation to landmarks, e.g., behind the dome is AM, etc.

The weather continues to be excellent. Today's balmy summer weather:
Temperature: -27.4°C, -17.3°F
Wind: 044 at 5.8 knots
Windchill: -35.1°C, -31.1°F
Barometer: 691.9 mbar
Physio Altitude: 10179 ft

Last night I treated myself to a shower. I especially felt that I needed it after riding in a sled behind a snowmobile. The sled was right in line with the exhaust, so that (coupled with 4 days without bathing) made the timing right. Since there are so few microorganisms here due to the cold one is not that dirty or funky even after 4 days.

We had three planes on deck at the same time yesterday, a rare occurrence, and Patricia managed to take a lot of photos. Last night was also the CARA meeting where we all get together and update each other on what is going on, how our projects are going, who is coming or going.... Patricia pulled out the DVC pro which was another big and scary camera, this time video. Our plan is to work this AM on the computer and then to head out to the Dark Sector this afternoon to take photos and video of CARA science. Only 4 more full days here, time goes quickly at the Pole.

Here are some shots of the plane activity:
under plane cargo bay plane takeoff plane takeoff

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