Travel Log: December 11th, 2000

Dateline: 6:45 AM December 11, 2000
South Pole

Temperature: -28.4°C, -19.0°F
Wind: 072 at 7.1 knots
Windchill: -39.3°C, -38.8°F
Barometer: 693 mbar
Physio Altitude: 10139 ft

Randy writes:

Yesterday was very exciting: we took pictures of the Dark Sector, I played soccer outside, and Karina (the TEA teacher) and I gave the Sunday Science Talk. It was also Sunday which is the day that most people have off around here, so it really had a different feel than the rest of the week.

Soccer at -17°F and 10,000 feet, in work boots and a parka, is a bit of a challenge. We played for about a half hour, took a 20 min break, and then played another half. The teams were the "beakers" (scientists) vs. the "workers" (Raytheon Polar Services employees). I am happy to report that the beakers were victorious. I think this is largely due to the fact that a number of the scientists are European. It was not an elegant game overall. In the second half I devised an effective strategy. I would insanely chase the ball for 10 min, kick it up field to one of the wings and hope that a European team member was there to do something with it. Once my lungs were burning, I would sub out for two minutes.

The talk went well and a lot of people have come up to me and asked out how they can be involved in outreach.

I am hungry so I am off to breakfast.

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