Travel Log: December 9th, 2000

Dateline: 6:27 AM December 9, 2000
South Pole

Temperature: -27.1°C, -16.7°F
Wind: 039 at 12.7 knots
Windchill: -47.6°C, -53.6°F
Barometer: 692.1 mbar
Physio Altitude: 10171 ft

Randy writes:

accommodationsI had a great night's sleep (about 10 PM to 5 AM) but Patricia did not feel too good and so as a precaution she went in to Medical. I am going to go check on her shortly once I think the doctor is up. Most of yesterday was spent getting our "sea legs," drinking fluids -- lots of fluids -- and eating the delicious Pole food.

We have a lot of pictures to send but they will probably wait until tomorrow as the good satellite is only up from 4am to 9am. I am going to eat a quick breakfast and then I will write more.

Good news. It seems Patricia just had an allergic reaction to something in the room and she is in fact fine and still asleep in Medical. They will switch her room today.

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