Travel Log: December 7th, 2000

Dateline: Thursday December 7, 2000
McMurdo Station, Antarctica

Randy writes:

KiwiIt is beautiful here, sunny and not too cold. I guess that is why our flight made it down today. The Ross Sea is still frozen and so we landed close to the base and only had a short ride in on Ivan the Terra Bus. Our flight down was quick also, because we were on a Kiwi C-130 which does not have skis. This means less drag and so less time in the air. Our flight from Christchurch was only about 7 hours.

We have done "bag drag" and so we can relax and work a bit -- no more "hurry up and wait" for today. We are on flight P066 and believe we will report at 7:30AM. The low pressure system that was creating the unstable weather has moved on so things look good for making it to Pole by mid-day tomorrow.

Some pictures of the flight to McMurdo: PH in cabin vista

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