Travel Log: December 6th, 2000

Dateline: Wednesday December 6, 2000
Christchurch, New Zealand

Partly cloudy
Temp: 55°F, 13°C
Rel. Humidity: 87%
Wind: ENE at 10 mph (16 kph)
Sunrise: 04:44 AM
Sunset: 7:59 PM

Randy writes:

Woke up early today to make it to our 6:30 AM check in only to receive a phone call just before 6 to let us know that our check in time was pushed back to 8:15. This may not bode well for a flight to the ice today.

I remain hopeful though. We are having a few problems with the battery chargers for the 990 camera but we should manage with supplies that are at Pole and the batteries that we purchased.

Off to check in...

Dateline: 11 AM

Our flight for today was canceled due to snow at McMurdo. We will try again tomorrow. Right now we are going to check back in to the hotel and meet up with Tony Stark of the AST/RO project. We will probably go in to town for some supplies too.

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