Reaching Educators
NSTA 1999 Boston
“Astronomy at 175 Kelvin: A Day in the Life of a South
Pole Astronomer” T. Bania
Janice VanCleave: Numerous Presentations
Great Lakes Planetarium Association
“Sun and Stars And Yerkes Observatory” A. Whitt
American Association of Community
Colleges(AAC) NSF “ATE at Five”
“Technical Education at the South Pole”
     R. Landsberg
Showcase Presentation
AAC NSF ATE “Broadening the Impact”
Showcase Presentation (Today!) B. Farrell
NSTA 2000 Orlando
“Weighing the Universe from an Antarctic
Circumnavigating Balloon” J. Ruhl
“Bicycle Built for the Brutal South Pole”
     R. Landsberg