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The main structure of the CARA website is listed here. For clarity, although the pages are interlinked, not all of the interlinks are portrayed here. With the exception of the one main link to, links to sites other than are not displayed either. The virtual tour has its own site map on a different page.

Each of the leftmost pages can be accessed from the main home page as well as the bottom of every page.

right What's new at CARA

right About CARA
right What is CARA?
right Why the South Pole?
right Participating Institutions
right CARA people (contact information, etc.)
right General Science Information.

right CARA Science
right An overview of CARA science
right Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR) research
Degree Angular Scale Interferometer (DASI) (1999-)
Viper (1997-date)
Python (1992-1997)
White Dish (1992- 1993)
right Submillimeter research
Antarctic Submillimeter Telescope and Remote Observatory (AST/RO) Heterodyne receivers (1994-date)
Submillimeter Polarimeter for Antarctic Remote Observing (SPARO) (1999-)
South Pole Imaging Fabry- Perot Interferometer (SPIFI) (1999-)
right Infrared research
South Pole Infrared Explorer (SPIREX)/GRIM (1993-1997)
South Pole Infrared Explorer (SPIREX)/Abu (1997-date)
Infrared Photometer/Spectrometer (IRPS) (1993-1996)
Special page on IR results
right CARA Instruments (all instrument pages linked again into this page)
right Site Characterization
right Atmospheric Opacity:
right Atmospheric Stability:
right Atmospheric Seeing: Optical and Near-Infrared
right Information by wavelength:
right Information by instrument:
right Selected Publications
right Refereed Publications
right Conference Proceedings and abstracts
right Other publications
right Bibliography for this site
right Requests for Proposals
right General and specific ways to work for CARA
right CARA Scientific Meetings
right AAS Workshop (June 10, 1998)
right ASP Meeting (June 1997) table of contents from proceedings
right Resarch-related links.

right Education and Outreach.
right An overview of CARA education and outreach
Precollege (Including Space Explorers)
Knowledge Transfer
Linkages to other sectors
right Cold Facts
right Cool Pictures (Also linked into main page)
right South Pole Adventure Page, our sister site at (Also linked into main page)
right Activity vault (Various resources developed by CARA employees and volunteers)
  • Too many resources here to list separately.
right Outreach-related links

right Cool Pictures (Photos of Antarctica)
right Virtual Tour (see also the virtual tour site map)
right Our favorite pictures

right South Pole Adventure Page

right Pages for members of CARA (Eventually password-protected.)
right CARA people
right Complete alphabetical listings of CARA Personnel:
right CARA instruments, web pages, contact info

right Search this site (via Alta Vista)