Galaxy Distributions

General Background

Mapping out the Sky: Sloan Digital Sky Survey

ěPi in the skyî

Astrophysical Principles

Cosmological Redshift

Galaxies with varying redshifts:

Fingerprints: Spectra

Galaxy Types

The Elliptical Galaxy

The Spiral Galaxy

Other Galaxy Types

Large-Scale Structure

Filamentary ěNetworkî Topology

Cellular ěBubbleî Topology

ěSwiss Cheeseî Topology

ěMeatballî Topology

Phase 1: Visualization


Position In Relation to Spectrum

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CAVE Components:

Phase 2: Percolation

Percolation Principles

Two-Dimensional Analogy: Square lattice & on/off state

How to expand?


Percolation Statistics Related to Large-Scale Topology Standards:

Sample Simulations

Step 1: Initial Conditions

Step 2: E-x - p - a - n - d

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Step 3: Evolution Statistics

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