The South Pole Infrared Explorer (SPIREX) has been in operation since 1993. From 1993-1997, the camera used was the Grism Imager (GRIM). Since 1997, the camera has been Abu; this page is about SPIREX/GRIM.

SPIREX is ideal for extensive large-scale infrared and submillimeter surveys of star-forming regions in the Milky Way and Magellanic Clouds.

SPIREX's telescope is 60 centimeters in diameter. The construction includes enhancements to lower the total telescope emissivity to just 5%. GRIM was a 128x128 NICMOS2 HgCdTe camera sensitive from 1-2.5 µm.


The results from SPIREX have been moved to a separate page. They include both science and site characterization results.


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The group does not yet have a website.

SPIREX/GRIM is based at the University of Chicago. For more information, contact Al Harper,