Proceedings of
National Science Foundation
United States Antarctic Program
Communications Workshop

National Science Foundation
Room 1295
11 March 1999


8:30 AM - Opening Remarks
Dr. Karl Erb, Director OPP
8:40 AM - Overview of USAP capabilities
Mr. Patrick Smith, Technology Development Manager/OPP
9:10 AM - Presentations and Discussions of Science Requirements
Moderator, Dr. Dennis Peacock, Head, Antarctic Science Section
10:15 AM - Break
10:30 AM - South Pole TDRSS Relay (SPTR); TDRSS Operations
Dave Israel/Andre Fortin, NASA Code 450, Network Services and Mission Projects office
10:50 AM - Opportunities from Industry; Possibilities for a Dedicated Satellite
Jim Adams, NASA Code 401.5, Rapid Spacecraft Development Office
11:00 AM - Integration and Implementation of USAP Requirements
Jay April, CIO/Assistant Project Director for Management Systems, Antarctic Support Associates
- - Chris Rhone, Director, Information Systems, Antarctic Support Associates
11:30 AM - Sustainable Future Options
- - Jim Pettit, Allied Signal Corporation
12:00 PM - Lunch
1:30 PM - U.S./Foreign Military and Other U.S. Government Satellite Resources
Phil Sobolewski, Code 54, Navy Space and Warfare Systems Center, Charleston
1:40 PM - Presentation and Discussion of Possible Options
Moderator, Mr. Erick Chiang, Head, Polar Research Support Section
4:30 PM - Adjourn