CARA Education and Outreach:
Knowledge Transfer

CARA has been proactive in disseminating the scientific, technical, and pedagogical expertise of the Center. In addition to publishing over 50 articles in prestigious journals, the members of CARA have utilized popular lectures, conferences, undergraduate curricula and consultations with industry to further the reach of CARA's collective knowledge. Because the general population is fascinated with Antarctica, CARA researchers are always in high demand as guest speakers. Many of these lectures are informal (e.g. Rotary Clubs) and while they have a profound impact on the audience, accurate numbers are hard to gauge. Conservative estimates suggest over 10,000 people a year attend such lectures. A more in-depth view of the cutting-edge science of the South Pole is also brought to life through planetarium shows, such as ``The Birth of the Universe" which J. Bally presents, and through the incorporation of CARA science into undergraduate curricula.

In addition to presenting at traditional forums such as the Antarctic Experimenters Meetings, CARA researchers have hosted conferences to focus on the science of CARA. This year has been a particularly active one for conferences. CARA researchers have organized three workshops focusing on South Pole Astrophysics: The Ten Meter, Photodissociation and Photochemistry in Interstellar Medium, and Astrophysics from Antarctica. CARA is also making efforts to share our expertise in creating successful outreach programs. The Space Explorers model has been successfully transferred to a rural setting with the Yerkes Space Explorers program. Most recently, R. Landsberg discussed the strategy and content of the ``Crime Laboratory Investigations" with his talk ``Forensics: Or How to Solve a Murder Mystery and Teach Science at the Same Time" at the National Science Teachers Convention. CARA is also partnering with industry to promote the creation of the technologically advanced detectors needed to pursue our science. CARA scientists are consulting with both TRW and HyPress Inc. Finally, the CARA web page serves as a resource for astronomers, the general public and educators. The site contains general information on Antarctica, Astronomy, CARA Research and a suite of tested experiments complete with teacher notes.