CARA outreach / Yerkes Winter Institutes / Schedule from 1994.

This document assumes you have read the general information on the YWIs.

Daytime workshops

Geometry Workshop
Instructor: Wisecup
Students reviewed the basic geometry concepts involved in the other labs. For example, similar triangles are essential for understanding the inverse square law.
Infrared Telescopes
Instructor: Sweitzer
This lab investigated the optics of simple lenses and constructed "infrared telescopes" that used liquid crystals in their focal plane.
Instructor: Duncan
Lab introduced students to simple grating spectroscopes and observations that can be made with them.
Inverse Square Law
Instructor: Dreiser
Students derived inverse square law from geometric and hands-on investigations.

Nighttime Workshops

Cosmic Challenges
Instructor: Sweitzer and Brass
Students competed in smaller teams to identify constellations and stars in the winter sky.
Nebula Observing
Instructor: Dreiser and Duncan
Other half of the group learned to use Yerkes 10-inch telescope. This involved a brief introduction to setting circles and the types of objects they observed.