CARA Outreach / Yerkes Winter Institutes / Schedule from 1993

This document assumes you have read the general information on the YWIs.

Daytime workshops

Sun's Motions and Seasons
Instructor: Brass
Group worked on building the formal geometric concepts necessary to be able to understand the apparent annual motion of the Sun in the sky. It was designed to compliment sundial activities that the students do during the summer.
Moon Basics
Instructor: Greer
Workshop covered basic knowledge about the Moon and introduced students to using lunar charts.
Radio Science: Antennas
Instructor: Rosner
These groups set up an amateur radio station, erected a temporary antenna, and made radio contact with amateur radio operators. This was part of the CARA Amateur Radio program.
Packet Radio
Instructor: Sweitzer
Students were introduced to digital information in the form of AX.25 packets. They then set up two packet radio stations and communicated between Rosner's group in the remote radio shack. This was part of the CARA Amateur Radio program.

Nighttime Workshops

Radio Contact with Pole or Demo
Instructor: Rosner
In this session, the entire group gathered around the radio to contact at the South Pole. Contact was impossible the first night, because of search and rescue operations underway in Antarctica for Norwegian explorers. Successful contact came the second night when the Space Explorers then spoke with CARA's COBRA PI J. Peterson who operated the South Pole station, KC4AAA. This was part of the CARA Amateur Radio program.
Moon Illusion and Angles in Sky
Instructor: Brass and Greer
Group investigated how to measure angles in the sky and then compared measurements of the Moon taken at different altitudes.
Lunar Charting and Photography
Instructor: Dreiser
Students took 35mm photographs of the Moon through the Yerkes 24 inch telescope, developed them and then identified the features using lunar charts.