CARA Outreach - YSI 1998 Pictures - Parallax

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The three members of the reporting group are pictured here laying out the base of the triangle used for the Parallax lab. The three members are Shaconda Dixon (standing front left), Tamika Robinson (back center), and Micheal Duncan (kneeling, front right). This triangle will be used with geometry to determine the distance to a tree on the other side of the North Lawn of Yerkes Observatory.

After laying out the base of the triangle, the students then measure the length of the base. Tamika Robinson (kneeling front left) is measuring the distance while Micheal Duncan and Shaconda Dixon hold down the far end.

The reporting group with Shacond Dixon (left back,) Micheal Duncan (kneeling front), Brad Holden (center) and Tamika Robinson (right).

The target of the parallax lab was the skinny tree in the center. The tree appears to shift as the photographer moved from one end of the base of the triangle (represented by the string laid out in earlier photographs) to the other end of the base.

The students measured the two angle connecting the base of the triangle with the tree using the large protractor pictured here. This right angle was made using a square box and the students verified the angle with the proctractor.