CARA Outreach / YSI 1995 / Sunday

Sunday, Aug 6 - Opening night and kick-off star party!

Members of the Milwaukee Astronomical Society (MAS) and the Northwest Suburban Astronomical Society (both amateur astronomy groups, the latter from the Chicago area) brought telescopes and we interviewed them about their telescopes, learning about focal lengths, apertures, etc. We looked through the MAS 10-inch reflectors, a small refracting telescope built at Yerkes to be similar to that used by Galileo in 1610, the 10-inch in the south building at Yerkes, and we even got a chance to look through the big 41-inch in the south tower!

Here are some pictures from before it got too dark for photos:

This is one of the telescopes brought by the Milwaukee Astronomical Society (MAS).

Another MAS 'scope.

One of the members of the Northwest Suburban Astronomical Society answers a question about the illumination of the Moon.

Here are two of the best worksheets from the Telescope Scavenger Hunt (where the students interviewed the owners of the telescopes to learn more about them:) one worksheet (students: Brian Kelly, Diane Love, and Shearrisa Phillips). This telescope was owned by Scott Laskowski, of the Milwaukee Astronomical Society, and yes, it really does say (under "Objects Viewed"): "tree and leaves" and "light in golf shack"... it was a little cloudy!

...and the other worksheet (students: LaLaniya Swain, D'Sheadra Benford, and Juan Wright). This telescope was made by John Briggs to the specifications of Rich Kron (both of Yerkes Observatory); it was designed to be similar to the one used by Galileo in 1610.

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