CARA outreach / YSI 1995 / Reporting Groups

Friday, Aug 11 - Saturday, Aug 12 - Reporting Groups!

Each group is responsible for making a bulletin board, writing a report, describing what they did to their parents and siblings during an open house on Friday night, and giving an oral report with visual aids and questions afterwards on Saturday morning.

Each group's page has their report, pictures of their bulletin board, pictures of them giving their Saturday morning report, and additional pictures when available. The students are listed on each page; the "teaching assistants" listed are themselves students in the program (or recent graduates of the program) who worked with their advisors to prepare for and teach the lab.

The reports tend to also be the scripts for their talks, so bear that in mind when reading them. All formatting, spelling, etc has been preserved - minimal changes have been made for the hypertext conversion.

There are also a few pictures of the visiting parents on-line.

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