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Monday, Aug 7 - Thursday, Aug 10 - classes!

From Monday through Thursday, classes are held three times a day. Here are some selected photos of the classes this year.

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The Re group learns about the Sun's apparent daily motion.

The Khonsu group takes their turn with April Whitt and the Sun lab. (The plastic hemispheres were kindly donated by Greg Gansz of Learning Technologies, 59 Walden Street, Cambridge, MA, 02140, phone 800-537-8703.)

Part of this Sun lab involved taking data here and exchanging data (via a fax machine) to others all around the world. Here are two faxes the students sent...each has two parts, a note from the cover sheet and the data sheet. The first fax included here was from Jameene Banks to our contact in New Zealand: cover note and data sheet. The second fax included here was from Danielle McDonald to our contact in Alaska: cover note and data sheet.

The Khonsu group builds a device that will enable them to measure the diameter of the Moon.

Joe Rottman teaches the Horus group about the physics of structures.

Joe Rottman helps the Re group build a simple arch...

..then shows what happens when you have an earthquake!

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