CARA outreach - YSI 1994 Pictures.

Classes at the YSI

This document assumes you have read the information on Space Explorers and Yerkes Summer Institutes.

Monday through Thursday of the YSI, three times a day, classes are held. We've put some selected pictures describing some of our classes on line -- there are two pages of them so as to make downloading of the index pages easier. Go back to page 1.

Click on the thumbnails to retrieve the full-size image.

April Whitt teaching the Leo group about measuring angles.

April Whitt teaching Leo more about measuring angles.

Heidi Newberg helping the Sagittarius group make a scale model of the Solar System.

Jim Sweitzer teaching the Virgo group about small angles.

..and Jim quickly calculating something for his students.

LaShawnda and Malissa measure thing in Jim's lab.

Luisa Rebull teaches her class about meteor craters.

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