Labs from YSI 95 :
Sun's Path.

April Whitt
CARA Yerkes Summer Institute, August 1995

This is the staff copy of the lab.


Students will use clear plastic hemispheres and markers to record the apparent motion of the Sun across the sky. They will also write directions for this activity.

Materials needed


Using the position of the data sheets for the shadow records, tape the dot worksheet to the cardboard. Place the plastic hemisphere on the sheet so that the zenith of the dome is over the dot.

Hold the marker so that its shadow falls on the dot, through the plastic dome. When the shadow of the point falls exactly on the dot, mark that spot on the outside of the hemisphere with the marker. Repeat at 15-20 minute intervals.

Students will observe the pattern of dots and explain what the pattern is and why it looks as it does, then predict how it will be different when they return in December.

Plastic hemispheres for this summer were donated by Greg Gansz of Learning Technologies, 59 Walden Street, Cambridge, MA, 02140, phone 800-537-8703.

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