Credits, Caveats, and Copyrights for On-Line Resources.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read this before using these labs!

Important Disclaimers and Caveats:


We have provided these labs on line as a way of sharing ideas. We'd love you to take these labs and try them in your own classroom or use them to inspire you to create something for your own students. We'd enjoy any feedback you can give us. (email; make sure to mention which lab.) Otherwise these labs are copyright (C) CARA and the authors of the individual labs and can not be published.

Our philosophy is that development of the labs themselves is up to each individual instructor. We value the creativity of our instructors. However, this means that the style of writeups submitted here varies tremendously. At the head of each document, there should be a note to the effect of "this was handed out to the students," or "this is a teacher's guide," etc. that should clarify the styles somewhat.

This is also a spiral curriculum, meaning that the students generally stay in the program for at least three years as high school students, and now we're starting to get high school students who have been with us even longer through the Young Astronomers program. This has a significant impact on what and how we teach the students.

In order to read these labs and understand them, it might help to know a little background and vocabulary ("Yerkes Summer Institute," "Space Explorers," etc). You can find such things on the Outreach page which has an overview of our Outreach programs.

If you have any questions on these labs, contact (or the author of the lab if you recognize the name of a colleague) and make sure to mention which lab you're working with. If you have some suggestions, please let caraweb@astro know as well.

Particularly in the older labs, our records are very incomplete. We will continue to dig through our archives to try to uncover some more labs, but it is likely that the most recent labs will always be the most complete and accurate.

In the conversion to hypertext, we tried to preserve most of the essential formatting of the original documents, but it was not always possible.

The instructors of the CARA Space Explorer labs have been:
Charles Brass, John Briggs, Todd Duncan, Christian Greer, Dr. Al Harper, Dr. Rich Kron, Dr. Robert Loewenstein, Dr. Heidi Newberg, Luisa Rebull, Dr. Jon Rosner, Dr. John Smetanka (graduate student at the time) Dr. Jim Sweitzer, Marianne Takamiya, April Whitt, and Phil Wisecup.