Labs from Chicago / Winter, 1994 / Electronics Package.

Here are some of the labs and lesson plans written and used by Drs. Kron and Newberg and Ms. Rebull during the Electronics class held in Winter Quarter 1994.

Important Disclaimers and Caveats

This was part of the CARA Amateur Radio program.

Sample quiz question for the following week were handed out with each lab; every week there was a quiz on the material from the previous week. The quiz questions were taken from practice radio liscense exams.

Many of the circuit diagrams did not make it into the hypertext version of these labs. If there is sufficient demand, they can be made available. Petition if you want them.

Lab #1
This was an introduction to the course, covering metric units, introduction to morse code, etc.

Lab #2: Circuit Diagrams and Components
We introduce the basic concept of a circuit diagram and define many symbols.

Lab #3: Ohm's Law
We explore the relationship between V, R, and I.

Lab #4: Parallel Circuits
We start to construct more complicated circuits.

Lab #5: Capacitors and Transistors
We learn about capacitors and transistors.

Lab #6: Electricity and Magnetism
We make an electromagnet and a light meter.

Lab #7: Electrical Power
We make a graph in the process of learning about energy and power.

Lab #8: Wavelength and Frequency
We measure the speed of sound and do other experiments with wavelength and frequency.

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