Labs from Chicago, Fall 1993 :
Potential Energy Quiz.

Dr. Rich Kron, Dr. Heidi Newberg, and Luisa Rebull
Labs written for the CARA Space Explorers, Fall 1993

This is meant to be handed out to the students.

1. (2 points) What is the gravitational potential energy of a 100 gram ball 100 cm above the floor? (You will lose points if you do not include units.)

* gravitational potential energy = m g h, *
* *
* where g is 980 cm/sec2. *

2. (3 points) If I measure the kinetic energy of a ball right before it hits the floor to be 512 ergs, what was its gravitational potential energy when I let it go at some height above the floor? Don't forget units. (Hint - You don't need to know the height of the ball to figure this out. Think about conservation of energy.)

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