Labs from Chicago, Fall 1993 :
Chemical Energy Quiz.

Dr. Rich Kron, Dr. Heidi Newberg, and Luisa Rebull
Labs written for the CARA Space Explorers, Fall 1993

This is meant to be handed out to the students.

1. (3 pts) Suppose you have four batteries that are 1.5 volts each, and a light bulb that takes 6 volts to run. Draw lines on the picture below indicating where you would put wires to light the light bulb.

2. (2 pts) When a battery is being used, electrons come off of one electrode (one of the metals), go through the circuit, and go back to the other electrode. If this were the only transfer of electrons, then electrons would build up on the second electrode. It would have many more electrons than protons in it, and it would be negatively charged. The first electrode would have more protons than electrons in it, so it would be positively charged. How do the electrons get back to the first electrode?

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