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Educational Resources

We have a few different kinds of resources on-line, and we're working to make even more available to you. At the moment, we have some of our lesson plans from various projects and some short columns on various subjects. We'll add things as they become available.

We're assuming that you have read the Outreach page so that you know what we mean by "Yerkes Summmer Institute," "Space Explorers," etc.

Lesson Plans

As noted in the Space Explorers page, this is a "spiral curriculum," meaning that the students generally stay in the program for at least three years as high school students, and now we're starting to get high school students who have been with us even longer through the Young Astronomers program. This has a significant impact on what and how we teach the students.

The instructors for the Space Explorers classes (and the authors of these lessons plans) range from professional educators at Adler and the Fernbank Science Center to professors and graduate students in the University of Chicago Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics.


This is here so that we can share ideas. Each lab is written in an individual style, and is likely to make the most sense to another (astro)physicist. You must read the full set of Credits, Caveats, and Copyrights for these labs before using them.

CARA is not focused on curriculum development, and we are infinitely grateful to the instructors who have shared their notes and lesson plans.

In general, records are more complete for the more recent years, so that's why they're listed in reverse chronological order.

Yerkes Summer Institutes (YSI):
Yerkes Winter Institutes (YWI):
Space Explorer classes in Chicago:
Short handout-type columns on various topics: