CARA Education and Outreach

CARA is involved in a wide variety of education and outreach programs.

Latest Happenings:

See also talks from the October 1999 site visit. Efforts have been made to incorporate information from those talks into the pages below.

*An overview of CARA education and outreach.

*Precollege Education (including Space Explorers)

*University Education (including REU students)

*Knowledge Transfer

*Highlights/Recent Happenings:
*Space Explorers Radio Astronomy labs.
*Snow Bike with students at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.
*YSI 1999 lab book and pictures.
*CARA help teach The New Cosmology for College Teachers from October 26-28, 2001.
*Cold Facts.
An introduction to the harsh environment of Antarctica.

*Cool Pictures.
Including a virtual tour that takes you from New Zealand to the Pole.

*South Pole Adventure Page.
Our sister site at has many online resources.

*Activity vault.
Various resources developed by CARA employees and volunteers.

*Related links
Links to lots of things related to CARA, Antarctica, and CARA science.