The New Cosmology: From Quantum Fuzz to the Accelerating Universe

Where will the class be held?

The New Cosmology will be held at the University of Chicago, with trips to Fermilab and Adler Planetarium. Many of the classes will take place in the Kersten Physics Teaching Center, commonly referred to as KPTC. This building is located on the southwest corner of 57th Street and Ellis Avenue; its address is 5720 S. Ellis Ave. Entrances are on the north and south sides of the building.

Some of the classes will be held in the Astronomy and Astrophysics Center (AAC), located in between 56th and 57th Streets (north and south) and between Ellis and Drexel Avenues (east and west). Its address is 5630 S. Ellis Ave., although the building itself is not on Ellis. There are entrances on the north and south sides of the building that are normally locked. You can get into the AAC by going through the Research Institutes entrance at 5640 S. Ellis Ave. Turn right (north) at the 4-way intersection, follow the hallway until it ends at a T intersection (with a picture of Enrico Fermi), turn left (west) and go through the double glass doors into the AAC. Continue down the hall, follow it right, and the AAC lounge will be on your right.

For detailed maps of Chicago and the University, please look at (and specifically the KPTC and AAC maps and directions). Parking is available in a multistory garage at Ellis Avenue just south of 55th Street.

We are scheduled for AAC room 123 and KPTC room 206 for the most part, and will have signs posted to direct everyone. Check the schedule for a more detailed list of times and places.

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