Cosmology at the Millennium!


A Chautauqua course is intended to communicate the latest advances in research to undergraduate college teachers of science so that they in turn can translate it to the classroom. This spring CARA organized a Chautauqua course titled Cosmology at the Millennium! that was hosted by the University of Chicago. The three-day intensive short course explored both theoretical and experimental aspects of modern cosmology including laboratory exercises. This is a historic time for cosmology, particularly for CARA due to the CMB gang of three (Python, Viper, and DASI). Course leaders included J. Carlstrom, R. Landsberg, and S. Meyer of CARA, M. Turner (U of C, Fermi), and E. Gates (UofC, Fermi, Adler) S. Burles, S. Dodelson, and R. Kron. See the Chautauqua forum homepage for more general information ,

27 participants, with 41 applicants even though the course was marked closed on the Web.

We have 24 evaluations and the ratings for the three categories, Presentation of Course Director, Contents of Course and Quality of Handouts, include Excellent, Good, Avg. Fair, and Poor. The evaluations were:

Presentation of Course DirectorExcellent: 24
Contents of CourseExcellent: 21
Excellent/Good: 1
Good: 2
Quality of HandoutsExcellent: 15
Excellent/Good: 1
Good: 6
Fair: 2
Should This Course be Offered Again:Yes/Absolutely 24

General Comments:

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