About CARA

Our mission is to establish and operate an astrophysical observatory at the South Pole to investigate the origins of structure in the Universe. Instruments now deployed there take advantage of the cold, dry and stable conditions which make the Antarctic Plateau the best site on Earth for observations at infrared and sub millimeter wavelengths.

The Center also pursues a broad range of programs in educational outreach and knowledge transfer.

*What is CARA?
More about CARA.

*Why the South Pole?
A popular-science explanation of why we need to work at the South Pole. (For a more technical answer, see site testing in the science section.)

*Participating Institutions
A list of our collaborating institutions.

*CARA people.
For general information, please mail caraweb@astro.uchicago.edu. Additional contact information for many people is online here.

*General Science Information.
A selection of online resources relevant to CARA science.

*Research Jobs with CARA.
How to join the CARA research team.

For a comprehensive summary of CARA's scientific work in printed form, see the proceedings from the Astronomical Society of the Pacific Meeting in Chicago, IL, June 1997. Full reference: 1998, ASP Conference Series Vol. 141, eds. G. Novak and R. Landsberg. For copies, please contact Noel Encarnacion, ASP Order Entry Coordinator, phone 415-337-1100, ext 114, FAX 415-337-5205.