Future of Antarctic Astrophysics - Working Groups

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Science Working Group: Cosmology and External Galaxies

Chair: Jeremy Mould (MSO, Australia) (jrm@mso.anu.edu.au)
62.06 Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies
D. B. Sanders (University of Hawaii)

62.07 A Submillimeter Survey of Lensing Clusters
A. Blain (University of Cambridge)

62.10 Submillimeter Extragalactic Ob servations from the South Pole
J. Zmuidzinas (Caltech)

62.08 Formation and Evolution of Luminous IR Galaxies
C. J. Lonsdale (IPAC, Caltech and JPL)

62.09 Formation and Signatures of the First Stars and Quasars
Z. Haiman (Harvard University)

X.X A Deep Sub-mm Survey of the Distant Universe
Ian Smail (Durham), Rob Ivison (Edinburgh), Andrew Blain (Cambridge), Jean-Paul Kneib (Toulouse)