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The Center for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica (CARA) investigates the origin of structure in the Universe by using the unique advantages of the Polar Plateau for astrophysics. CARA is a National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center. CARA is headquartered at the University of Chicago. The image used in the banner above is of the CARA buildings at the South Pole.

Randy and friends travel to the South Pole!
The New Cosmology Chautauqua Short Course for College Teachers

*What's new at CARA.
The latest happenings at CARA.
*About CARA.
More about CARA - what CARA is, why we go to the South Pole, and contact information.
*CARA Science.
Information on the science we do from the South Pole.
*Education and Outreach.
An overview of the kinds of education and outreach we do, Cold Facts about Antarctica, etc.
*Cool Pictures.
A collection of, well, cool pictures, including Virtual Antarctica.
* South Pole Adventure Page.
Visit the South Pole and do science projects at our sister site,
*Pages for members of CARA.
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