What is a Fellowship?
Fellowships are merit-based funding opportunities given to support graduate studies or research projects over a "short-term" period (up to 4 years). They are typically sponsored by foundations and organizations with a focus on professional development in a specific field and aid the recipient by providing financial support, training incentives (i.e., conferences, lectures, work-study experiences), and opportunities to advance on their research.

Why should I apply for a fellowship?
While fellowships are competitive they provide you with financial backing, unlimited use resources, and the freedom to focus and your research and research goals. As a benefit, fellowships also add to your resume and open up networking opportunities with leaders in your field.

How do I apply for fellowships?
Applying for a fellowship is just like your applying to our graduate program. An application typically requires a personal statement, resume, transcript/s, and 3 letters of recommendations. Requirements might also include inclusion of papers written and published, talks/lectures given, posters presented, and research proposals. Fellowship finalists typically participate in an in-person interview with a selection committee.

It is important to note that fellowship deadlines are typically 6 to 12 months in advance of the fellowship's start date.

Fellowship List
* - international students can apply
+ - only women can apply
UChicago Grad is not only a great resource when searching for fellowship opportunities, but it is also provides you with advising opportunities, informationals, as well as fellowship and grant writing workshops. Below you will find information on fellowships particular to Astronomy and Astrophysics, provided by UChicago Grad.