HEXOFF -- Hermann EXoatmospheric Observatory in FreeFall


Sergeant Short-Range Ballistic Missile:


The Sergeant Short-Range Ballistic Missile offers a cost-effective means of placing an X-ray telescope into orbit. Such a telescope would not be constrained by light pollution or atmospheric refraction. Due to the difficulty involved in obtaining inexpensive orbital launch vehicles, the RAS was only able to locate one supplier. However, at a cost of $3000 plus shipping, it is doubtful that a more modest cost could be found (in the First World, that is). The Sergeant SBM is a proven, combat-tested piece of equipment which was reliable enough to defend Western Europe from the Communist threat for several decades. It is the opinion of both engineers of the Ryerson Astronomical Society that, despite its modest dimensions of 37 feet in height, 3 feet in diameter, the Sergeant SBM is serviceable. It provides a useful and inexpensive launching po int, so to speak, for the RAS to enter the glorious realm of exoatmospheric research in X-ray astronomy, not to mention aerospace technology.

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