Ryerson Astronomical Society


The University of Chicago Bookstore and the Ryerson Astonomical Society invite the public to meet Simon Singh, Author of The Big Bang, The Origin of the Universe. Friday February 4, 4pm Ida Noyes Hall, 1212 E. 59th Street.

The perfect marriage of writer and subject, Simon Singh's BIG BANG: The Origins of the Universe is a clear-sighted and highly entertaining look at the history and science that led to the most important theory of the 20th century. Singh, the Cambridge-educated physicist and author of the international best-seller Fermat's Enigma, has an uncommon talent for explaining difficult science to the layman. In BIG BANG he leads readers on a journey back into history and out into the cosmos as he explains how scientists arrived at the remarkable theory of the universe and why it is almost certainly correct.

Simon Singh received his Ph.D. in physics from the University of Cambridge. A former BBC producer, he directed the Emmy-nominated documentary film The Proof, and wrote the best-selling book Fermat's Enigma on the same subject. He is also the author of The Code Book. He lives in London, England and teaches and lectures widely.

For more information, please call The University of Chicago Bookstore 773-702-7712.

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