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Photo of the moon by Dean W. Armstrong. Technical Pan film developed in Technidol, photographed using six-inch refractor at prime focus with an orange filter. Printed on Grade 4 paper; burned and dodged.

Sunspot photographed by Dean W. Armstrong. Effective focal length was 100m.

Dean W. Armstrong, President of the RAS, with two RAS telescopes. The 6" refractor is shown with a spectroscope attached. Photo by Peggy L. Wilkins.

Chris Conselice and John Crocker, doing what RAS members do best: looking up. Photo by Peggy L. Wilkins.

Closeup view of the two RAS telescopes. The 6" refractor is on the bottom; the larger one at top is a 10" reflector. The finder scope, mounted on the refractor, is also shown. Photo by Peggy L. Wilkins

This photo, taken sometime before 1992, shows the state of deterioration the dome was in prior to the restoration.

More before the interior was painted black.

The constellation Cygnus, five minutes on Fujicolor 1600 with 55mm f/2.8 lens piggybacked. D. Armstrong

A nighttime photograph by moonlight in Nevada. Note the star trails in the sky. The green spot on the lower right mountains is the termination of a green laser beam from the Las Vegas Strip. Photo by Dean W. Armstrong.

The observatory on a colder day. D. Armstrong

A quick shot of Saturn taken with Ektar 1000 using eyepiece projection on the six-inch telescope, Summer 1993. D. Armstrong.

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