RAS Astronomical FTP sites

Astronomical FTP sites

From: smiley@SEDS.LPL.Arizona.EDU (Guy Smiley)
Newsgroups: sci.astro,sci.space.science,sci.astro.amateur,sci.physics,sci.space.tech,alt.sci.planetary
Subject: ANNOUNCE: Astro FTP List
Date: 21 Sep 1994 04:32:59 GMT
Organization: University of Arizona, CCIT

#                        A S T R O - F T P   L I S T
#                         Updated 20 September 1994
# This is  a  short  description  of  anonymous-ftp  file servers containing
# astronomy and space research related material. I have  included only those
# servers where  there are  special subdirectories for astro stuff  or  much
# material included into  a general directories. This list is not a complete
# data set of possible  places, so I would be very happy to  receive notices
# and information depending on this listing. *** denotes a new site to this 
# listing.
# The latest version of this file is available via anonymous-ftp as:
#             ftp://seds.lpl.arizona.edu/pub/faq/astroftp.txt
# There is also a HTML (World Wide Web) version of this document
# which may be obtained as
#             ftp://seds.lpl.arizona.edu/pub/faq/astroftp.html
# Updated by: Guy Kenneth McArthur astroftp@seds.lpl.arizona.edu
# Server, IP                          # Contents                               
# Directories                                                                  
aaoepp2.aao.gov.au                    scanned images from the AAT                        [mirrored on seds.lpl.arizona.edu

ames.arc.nasa.gov                     files from the /pub/SPACE directory                          have been moved to
/pub                                  explorer.arc.nasa.gov

archive.afit.af.mil                   Satellite software,documents,elements
arizona.edu                           XSky distribution,

arp.anu.edu.au                        a "black hole imaging system"

asimov.cnam.fr                        Images(mirrored on seds.lpl.arizona.edu)
Aliases:  ftp.cnam.fr

astrod.astro.psu.edu                  fits; heao; hst_gifs, xraylib
Aliases:  ftp.astro.psu.edu
/pub/rosat, /pub/xraylib, /pub/hst-gifs

atari.archive.umich.edu               Atari applications                                                                  

audrey.levels.unisa.edu.au            space flight info (manifests, launch                         times, etc...)

aurora.arc.nasa.gov                   The QUEST & QUICK package, sky,                          Rhosettastone (a collection of
/pub/quest_dist                       speech recognition mistakes...)

baboon.cv.nrao.edu                    AIPS document and patches,radioastronomy                        image processing,FITS test images,AIPS++

blearg.larc.nasa.gov                  NASA Langley technical reports
Aliases:  techreports.larc.nasa.gov

bovine.uoregon.edu                    Quality CCD images, catalogs,                        spectra, weather maps
/pub/sci_astro/images, /pub/catalogs
/pub/spectra, /pub/wmaps

c.scs.uiuc.edu                        ROSAT,Starchart(PC)                                       some astronomy GIFs 

ccu1.aukuni.ac.nz                     PC
/msdos/astronomy                      (*) overseas connections refused

cdsarc.u-strasbg.fr                   Databases, catalogues, A&A tables

chara.gsu.edu                         Electronical Journal of ASA, Journal of                           ASA, SAC news

clementine.s1.gov                     Clementine images and documents

csab.larc.nasa.gov                    doc; loose GNU utils and papers

csi.jpl.nasa.gov                      MATLAB stuff, math libraries                          lapack (??)

cumulus.met.ed.ac.uk                  Metereology software; Meteosat3                        and Meteosat4 images
/images, /animations                  (latest images AND animations)

deimos.caltech.edu                    Very Long Baseline Interferometry

delcano.mit.edu                       Radar and passive microwave images,                            Magellan Hypermap (Mac)

epona.physics.ucg.ie                  Some software, predictions, images,                           FITS info, miscellaneous
/pub/astro, /pub/space, /pub/fits

explorer.arc.nasa.gov                 Magellan, Viking and Voyager CDROMs			      Status reports, Press Kits, Gif's,
/cdrom, /pub/SPACE                    Software, FAQ, etc.
fits.cv.nrao.edu                      FITS documents, OS support, sample data,                          test files, sci.astro.fits archive
ftp.aip.de                            astronomers-email-guide

ftp.ast.cam.ac.uk                     astronomers-email-guide

ftp.cc.uch.gr                         physics software, documents

ftp.cco.caltech.edu                   Astronomy magazine index 1991                                                                 

ftp.estec.esa.nl                      European Space Agency (ESA)

ftp.fys.ruu.nl                        astronomy

ftp.hep.net                           High Energy Physics Network

ftp.hq.eso.org                        European Southern Observatory (ESO),                          Garching, Starcat

ftp.hq.nasa.gov                       NASA financial management, NASA phone list

ftp.iglou.com                         SL9 Impact FITS images

ftp.iunet.it                          [I am unable to connect to this site]

ftp.mpia-hd.mpg.de                    Images from Calar Alto Observatory
ftp.ncc.up.pt                         Astronomy Catalogs,          (SAO, I204, VII91)

ftp.nikhef.nl                         Institute for Nuclear and High-Energy                          Physics
/pub/atari                            Atari software, cosmic ray data,
/pub/cosmicray                        Journal of Nuclear Physics archive,
/pub/eps                              European Physical Society information
/pub/form                             multi-platform algreba program
/pub/nucphys                          and more

ftp.std.com                         PC; source codes

ftp.stsci.edu                         HSTMap(Mac),HST info, images                                                                    
/Software, /stsci/epa

ftp.x.org                              XEphem distribution?
Aliases:  export.lcs.mit.edu, export.x.org, public.x.org

gaia.ucs.orst.edu                      Mirror of oak.oakland.edu
Alias: archive.orst.edu,
garbo.uwasa.fi                        DOS, Windows software
/pc/astronomy, /windows/astronomy                                                                               
gco.apana.org.au		      CCD Images and a DOS converter

gipsy.vmars.tuwien.ac.at              Images
Alias: ftp.vmars.tuwien.ac.at

heineken.tuc.nrao.edu                 12 meter radio scope on Kitt Peak                       [Nothing of public interest here].

hercules.stmarys.ca                   The Earth Centered Universe (Windows			      Planetarium)

idlastro.gsfc.nasa.gov                Interactive Data Language routines

/pao                                  Images of all manned US space flights.

info2.rus.uni-stuttgart.de            Atari                                    
Aliases:  ftp.uni-stuttgart.de                                                                   

io.cc.gettysburg.edu                  Educational programs and material                     CLEA Contemporary Lab Experiences in Astronomy

iraf.tuc.noao.edu                   IRAF Software, X-Ephem distribution,                                                                    /iraf, /contrib/xephem

jbss0.jb.man.ac.uk                    EVN Newsletter Archive                    
jplinfo.jpl.nasa.gov                  JPL news, status reports, images
Aliases:  pubinfo.jpl.nasa.gov

julius.cs.qub.ac.uk                   Space Digest

kilroy.jpl.nasa.gov                   Satellite elements,spacecraft info

krakatoa.jsc.nasa.gov                 WWW Mirrors and Web freeware                         (Mosaic, Cello)
legacy.gsfc.nasa.gov                  Compton, EXOSAT, ROSAT, IRAS code,                         documentation, papers, FITS tools
/, software/ftools                    technical reports

lick.ucsc.edu                         VISTA image reduction software                        CCD Development Lab items
/pub/vista, /pub/ccd

lowell.edu                            VISTA image reduction software    		      WFPC/2 Images

mael.soest.hawaii.edu                 earth images, shuttle radar, catalogs
Aliases:  satftp.soest.hawaii.edu

nic.funet.fi                          PC,Mac,CP/M,Atari,Amiga,databases,Unix,
Aliases:  ftp.funet.fi                         HP48,OS/2,texts,News,solar reports,images,
/pub/astro                            Satellite elements,FAQ
ecf.hq.eso.org                        Test images, standards
/pub/testimages, /pub/standards

nssdca.gsfc.nasa.gov                  HST,IUE,Astro-1,NSSDCA info,Spacewarn,                         FITS standard                       
oak.oakland.edu                       DOS and Windows
Aliases:  rigel.acs.oakland.edu

phobos.sscl.uwo.ca                    Currently only SL9  images, expect more

plaza.aarnet.edu.au                   saoimage

pomona.claremont.edu                  Yale Bright Star Catalog

puppsr12.princeton.edu                 Pulsar catalog
Aliases:  pulsar.princeton.edu

quepasa.cs.tu-berlin.de                PC,Amiga,Mac,Unix,images,general
Aliases:  ftp.cs.tu-berlin.de          X windows, FITS,	

qiclab.scn.rain.com                    X-Windows astronomy programs

ra.nrl.navy.mil                        Mac

rascal.ics.utexas.edu                  Mac                             
seds.lpl.arizona.edu                   images, animations, satellite elements,                          info, shuttle, software

sepftp.stanford.edu                   Unix, satellite program, images
Aliases: etna.stanford.edu            World Map II database  geophysics                             Sunmoon program

sir.univ-rennes1.fr                    Images, animations
Aliases:  ftp.univ-rennes1.fr

spacelink.msfc.nasa.gov                [LOGIN as guest ??? ]

sseop.jsc.nasa.gov                    Shuttle Mission Images: GIF, JPG, TGA			      (mirrored on seds.lpl.arizona.edu)	

stardent.arc.nasa.gov                 Martian map                                                                                       
sunspot.noao.edu                      Satellite tracking & calender for Unix,
Aliases:  ftp.sunspot.noao.edu        daily corona maps                             
sumex-aim.stanford.edu                    Mac                                                                                                  
sun0.urz.uni-heidelberg.de            PC,misc
Aliases: ftp.urz.uni-heidelberg.de, ftp.uni-heidelberg.de

tetra.gsfc.nasa.gov                   FITSIO subroutines

titan.ksc.nasa.gov                    Space info,

topgun.agps.lanl.gov                  Khoros, stereograms!

unbmvs1.csd.unb.ca                    Space geodesy,solar activity info,

xi.uleth.ca                           Solar reports,auroral activity forecast                           maps,solar images,x-ray plot,coronal
Alias: ftp.uleth.ca                   emission plots

astroftp@seds.lpl.arizona.edu         --          smiley@seds.lpl.arizona.edu

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