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RAS Meeting Notes

These are the notes from the most recent meeting, which contain our most recent plans and announcements.

17 January, 2014

Hi Celestial Gazers,

Yesterday we had a wonderful talk with Peter O. Vandervoort, UChicago Student and Professor, who told us about the RAS during the early 1950s. Turns out the College was really different back then, and the Astro club was super amazing. There was all sorts of mentorship going on with the Astrophysics department. They did the usual Yerkes trips (accompanied by future professors) and had really good access to Yerkes to make their own observations (why aren't we researching the sky as a club?!). They also did amateur telescope making (which we should restart), had informal and formal lectures (in the room where we meet today!), and had Carl E Sagan (B.J. Social Animal, Moon Protector, SciFi club member, future predictor, and RAS President).
So if you missed the meeting, you really missed out. Mitch and John might exercise their video editing skills and compile a recording of it, but it was definitely better in person. To the 20+ members who showed up: if we ever doubted your commitment to the club, we never will again.

Next Week on RAS: Steven Lucy should be speaking about the history of Solar Parallax and maybe the club back in 2004. So be sure to tune in!

Also we should probably give out more deets on how to become a member-the necessary training has been postponed by the terrible cold which is currently preventing my leaving Harper.

To you listhost lurkers: show up to a meeting, even if you'll be late, we are very welcoming to strangers. Champ will personally hug you (only if you want).

Enjoy the cold!