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RAS Meeting Notes

These are the notes from the most recent meeting, which contain our most recent plans and announcements.

18 November, 2013


-We need to buy a dongle for mac thunderbolt to whatever that port is (Treasurer Droster get on that)

-John Roberts (may have spelled that right)

-Where is our printer?

-We have a choice between cosmology (theorist or observational) and History of the club (RAS). Email champ if you have strong preferences. Or just email me and I’ll forward them to him.

-Apparently there was some astrophysics coup and they tried to take over Ryerson, but failed. We should retake it. Who is with me?

-If you have a car, please please email champ if this coming weekend you can head over to Yerkes. We might just shuttle it up from the train station with our single car. Please be advised this trip is still happening and Champ will send out details later this week if you’ve signed up. Email him if you’re like “OMG HOW DID I FORGET TO SIGN UP FOR YERKES”

-Like our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/RyersonAstro

-John tries to describe the pictures and the words.

-Stellar Pulsation! Physics! History!

-If you want the deets, check the attached powerpoint (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1h-EpcnmafJY03xSa7fmgfa-SHREe3Igq6TB5FTSyCaf3DCxAvKFMoLGA4VTP/edit?usp=sharing)

-Many sinusoidal-ish shapes, Champ doubts the sinusoidality

-Noah doesn’t understand how doorstops work

-If you didn’t come to RAS today you missed some non rigorous equations written on the board

-You must decide if you’re Team Zhevakin or Team Baker. It’s a more intense rivalry than Team Edward vs Team Jacob. There aren’t pictures of Zhevakin online, so I think we can figure out which one is the vampire.

-Non radial pulsation is pretty cool. Like super stellar beach balls.