RAS Meeting Notes

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These are the notes from the most recent meeting, which contain our most recent plans and announcements.


Hail Astromancers,

Yerkes: First 8 non members should email Champ to get in on that trip. It's Saturday to Sunday. Nov. 23ish land.

Dome: Newly Ordered Dome will be installed before Spring Quarter. Champ’s been waiting for a year so two more quarters isn’t too long.

Coming soon: Next week John is talking, then Aiden, and maybe we’ll watch a movie 10th week. It’ll be fun, Champ promises.

Build your own telescope project: trying to get the woodshop to let us in

Recap: Champ didn’t perform with Chance the Rapper.

Astrophotography! How it works by Adam Sutheland (it’s unclear if there’s an r)

-Turns out Adam’s retina laptop has better resolution than the projector

-We reviewed Patrick’s (who should come to meetings) CCD talk vs APS

-CCDs are higher quality, CMOS is in your phone camera (more easily produced)

-You’ll need a: tripod, intervalometer (make shutter speed as much as you want)

-Pick your aperture: big as possible hole so smallest number f/stop

-Where you should go:

-middle of nowhere (which means not Chicago)

-How to take a picture: mix the focuses (Adam continues to blame the projector for the lack of quality)

-Star Trails: stars don’t get brighter with a really long shutter speed-because the world rotate. You can buy a clock that moves it (OUR TELESCOPE UPSTAIRS DOES THAT)

-Light pollution: the enemy of the astrophotographer

-Focus: don’t trust anyone who tells you to use infinity focus

-Adam again blames the projector for our inability to see the trees in his long shot.

-Light pollution: still in the middle of nowhere, still light pollution

-In Adam’s backyard, there aren't too many stars

-Adam really doesn’t like light pollution. “Criminals need light too” –some article he “listened” to

-I think we need a new projector. Adam should rename his talk “reasons the projector is bad”

-He also insulted the Dakotas as having “no one.” He appears to be from Utah. Hmm…

-“Hot Pixels” purple/white dots, get a fake picture of “stars.” Perhaps this will be my “astrophotography” career. Hot Pixels, while hot, do not have star trails.

-Quick Tips: use manual focus: just lightly less than infinity, add a ballast to your tripod if it’s windy or you want to feel cool, bring extra batteries or learn to hack your batteries.

In summary:

Astrophotography is super cool. You should email your interest in doing it here because we need people with time to make it happen in our own dome.

Times Adam insulted the projector: 5



PS I'll be sending out an email that I was supposed to send out a few months ago that might be of interest to some of you.

PPS If anyone knows how to make my laptop not have weird text sizes on the Windows partition, let me know.