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The Ryerson Astronomical Society (RAS) is the University of Chicago's astronomy club. Our club's purpose is to have all humanity (or all University of Chicago students, for starters) observe the celestial luminaries in hushed awe with our antique 6.25" refractor, 10" reflector, and ~60" radio telescope. Our website has information about upcoming club events; details of RAS history; a collection of astrophotographs and RAS photos; the Rchive, a vast index of RAS documents; useful space and astronomy links; and contact information for our members.

RAS activities Winter Quarter 2014

Monday meetings: We meet to hear astronomy lectures from students and faculty every Monday night at 8 PM in Ryerson 358 (the classroom immediately at the top of the main staircase in Ryerson). Here's the schedule:

Date Speaker Topic
January 6 Polar Vortex Meeting canceled due to excessively cold weather!
January 13 Real First Meeting Our first meeting, where we'll induct new members and talk about how to gain access to the RAS office, the roof, and the dome!
January 27 Professor Vandervoort Professor Vandervoort will be joining us to talk about the Ryerson Astronomical Society in the 1950s.
February 3 Steven Lucy (Former President 2004-2006) The History of Solar Parallax.
February 10 Matt Schaffer The Apollo Program
February 17 Tahoe Schrader Diffuse Interstellar Bands - Tahoe's research!
February 24 Berkan Uze General Relativity - Part II
March 3 Alex Droster Neutron stars
March 10 Noah Tuchow To Be Determined

Ryerson Wednesdays: Every clear Wednesday night from 7:30 to 9:30 PM we have public observing at our Ryerson rooftop observatory (all the way up the spiral staircase opposite Ryerson 358). If during Winter quarter, please email an RAS Officer before coming, as due to the weather we may not have already scheduled someone to be there.

Special events: We usually spend a night at Yerkes Observatory in Wisconsin every quarter to observe on the 24" and 41" reflectors. In spring quarter we have a Friday evening trip open to the public. Over 40 people went on the 2010 trip! We also occasionally visit dark-sky sites such as Willow Slough in Indiana.

Trouble finding Ryerson? Here's a map of campus showing the location of Ryerson.

Trouble getting into Ryerson? Try entering through Eckhart and crossing over on the second or third floor. If Eckhart's locked, call our office and observatory at (773) 702-7625 (that's 2-7625 from any campus phone).

Thanks to the University of Chicago Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics for webspace and technical support.