Ryerson Astronomical Society

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Here and the names and contact information for RAS officers and others associated with the club, please feel free to contact us with questions, comments, and concerns.

RAS President: Mitch Spradlin (mhs@uchicago.edu)

Dean W. Armstrong, Observatory Chief: (773) 702-3147 work / (773) 931-9400 cell dean+ras@uchicago.edu

2014-2015 Officers:

Vice President: Alex Droster (adroster@uchicago.edu)

Treasurer: Michael Cervia (mjcervia@uchicago.edu)

Secretary: Carrie Volpert (cvolpert@uchicago.edu)

Weather Station Manager: TBD

Dome Engineer: Tahoe Schrader (wtschrader@uchicago.edu)

Equipment Engineer: Ningfeng Zhu (ningfengz@uchicago.edu)

Outreach Officer: Adam Sutherland (asuth@uchicago.edu)

Operations Manager: Carina Baker (carina@uchicago.edu)

Webmaster: John Roberts (jaroberts@uchicago.edu)

Thanks to the University of Chicago Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics for webspace and technical support.