Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Thank you for your wishes and the memories you shared with us!

Memories & Wishes
  1. Thomas J Bogdan, Self employed (friend)
    I was a grad student in the Physics Department from 1979-1983, but had an office in LASR and wrote my thesis under Gene Parker who also held an appointment with A&Aph.
  2. Iren Ganeva, Student (current Graduate student)

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  3. Carlo Graziani, University of Chicago (current Researcher)

    One of the science highlights of 1996 was the publication of the first 'Stufmuffins of Science' calendar, featuring our own Rocky Kolb as 'Dr. December'. This strikes me as a historical document of great importance, certainly well-worth preserving for future generations of Chicago astrophysicists.

  4. Zimu Khakhaleva-Li, University of Chicago (current Graduate student)
    Am I the only one wondering about AstroChicago456? The sun will still be burning hydrogen surely. Looking forward!
  5. Alexei M Khokhlov, The University of Chicago (current Faculty)
    Best wishes to the department for years and years to come.
  6. Christiane T Martens, University of illinois (friend)
    1. Revolutionize physics by overcoming the monumental barrier of the speed of light, - so to enable actual space travel within a human life time.
    2. Preparation for a close look at potential habitable exoplanets,- with small space crafts
    3. Continued detailed exploration of Europa and Enceladus
    4. Contributions to the landing on Mars and the possible return of the astronaut-explorers
  7. Todd Q Mason, Mason Media, Inc. (friend)
    I fully expect that the University of Chicago's role with the GMT, among other research & projects, will usher in a new era of excitement for understanding the mysteries of the universe, in the spirit of George Ellery Hale.
    "Make no small plans!"
  8. Felecia McCree Moulton, Staff (friend)
    Wishing A&Aph another century of success... happy exo-planet hunting!
  9. Angela V. Olinto, University of Chicago (current Faculty)
    Testing your Astro UChicago Knowledge: Who are in the images?

  10. Gordon Richards, Drexel University (former Graduate student)
    Sad for my old dungeon office to be gone, but excited for the department's new building. Best wishes from Philadelphia.
  11. Winnie Tong, Ph.D. Student, Sociology (current Graduate student)
    Congratulations on 123!
  12. Douglas F Watson, Fitch, Even, Tabin & Flannery LLP (former Researcher)
    Keep fostering the next generation of great scientists!